Thursday, January 2, 2014

Two-at-a-Time Socks

In theory, knitting two socks at once is amazing. No second-sock syndrome. Two socks that are the same size. Plus, I just started dyeing these really cool sock blanks, which just happen to be knit up double-stranded.

Five cast-ons and an instructional video later... In practice, two-at-a-time socks are like wrestling an octopus.

Anyone have some tips on making this work? Because I really, really want it to!


lilith anne said...

It gets easier the further into the sock you get!

Alyssa said...

I agree with lilith - it's harder once you start out, and feel REALLY awkward. You might want to wind the sock blank into a cake first, too - that might help your stuff from being tangly.

WonderWhyGal said...

In theory it seems like a great idea but I'm with you...feeling like an octopus. I still haven't figured the technique out. I'm sure once we do, we'll be "why was it so hard?"

Claudia Bugh said...

You have just confirmed my fears! I think it could get really confusing and weird trying to knit two at one time LOL I personally like the comfort and relaxation of knitting them on boring and predictable ddps :) Let us know if you come up with some way to keep it all straight!

penny said...

it is definitely easier as you get along. Do you normally use two circs or are you a magic-loop?

When I first started going two at a time I would start the first 2-3 rounds separately and then join into one "set" of needles (i was 2 circ until I figured out magic loop).

what is bothering you the most out of the process?

Suburban Correspondent said...

The best instructions I have found were in Two-At-A-Time Socks, Toe-Up (I'm sure the non-Toe-Up version of the book will work as well). Melissa Morgan Oakes has the clearest instructions and illustrations of any I have seen in a knitting book.